Google Glass now available through the US Play Store

Google Glass now available through the US Play Store

When Google first launched the Glass Explorer Program you had to call in to order, but once they created a dedicated online store, purchasing Glass was made a little easier. Since then, not much has changed except for when Google launched Glass in the UK, where the only way to purchase was directly through the UK Play Store.

As of Friday morning Google Glass and its accessories are now officially available via the US Play Store. Glass is still available through the Glass dedicated store as well.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 10.09.13 AM

Nothing has changed with the device except the ability to purchase from the Play Store. Still the same $1500 with a free accessory included with your purchase of Glass.

The only thing that is different is the fact that you can’t buy the DVF | Made for Glass collection of frames and shades directly through the Play Store. For all we know Google isn’t controlling where DVF sells their accessories and we may never see the accessories available through Google’s marketplace.

Will Google shut down the Glass specific store? Only time will tell and now I believe putting Glass in the Play Store will generate more sales due to the amount of people who visit the Play Store daily.